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        Automatic Bolting System Finished Commissioning Successfully in DPCA CP4 Chengdu


        After a very tight project execution by 6 months only including engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, pre-assembly, site installation and commissioning, the automatic bolting system was finally put in operation successfully by end of Sep. 2016 in DPCA CP4 Chengdu plant.

        Wuhan Boray as the main contractor of this project was carrying the important task, because the new technique of automatic bolting is the first time application in Dongfeng group, successful or not will have the impact whether the automation of vehicle assembly in DPCA CP4 can reach a higher level and the quality of vehicle assembly can be further improved. Meanwhile it will establish a milestone whether this technique can be promoted and extensively applied within Dongfeng group.

        With the great support from DPCA project team and management, the continuous technical discussions through our team engineering with DPAC project team for almost 2 months, and meanwhile the full consideration to the differentials in DPCA CP4 including the product characteristics, the process features and production cycle time etc., we finally developed our system with the most optimum technical solutions of bolt tightening, calibration and controls. The whole system is controlled for the running in X, Y and Z directions through the servo motors with the power transmission by BOSCH linear modules, so the bolting guns can reach their positions in very high precision thus the bolting availability can be greatly increased.

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