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        ABOUT US

          ABOUT US
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        WHY CHOOSE US?

        As a turn-key system supplier, Wuhan Boray specializes in engineering design and project management to build conveyor system for automotive industry. We have a professional team in which most of the key management members and design engineers had long-term working experiences in some big international firms with good understanding to the high-end technology and standards of this industry and with advanced management concept as well. Our expertise and know-how to the marriage system of automobile assembly make us very competitive in this field!

        Our mission:To provide high quality and high efficient conveyor system for automotive industry

        Our vision:To be a leader in automotive equipment industry through continuous technology innovation and quality improvement


        Wuhan Boray, a private share holding company, was established in year 2008. The major business of Wuhan Boray is to provide automatic conveyor system, marriage system and non-standard fixtures of vehicle assembly in Automotive Manufacturing Industry. As a supplier of turn-key system, Wuhan Boray has covered its business scope in project planning, engineering design, equipment fabrication and installation, and system commissioning etc.

        Wuhan Boray as an internationalized company, by always insisting on its own developing module and a correct market positioning, fully combining the advanced technology learned from other international firms with the cost advantage as of a local company, is able to provide our customers the highest quality and the highest standard equipment but meanwhile with relatively lower investment. This is the competitiveness of Wuhan Boray, as well as our company’s value. With the rapid development of automotive industry in China, Wuhan Boray has also grown up very fast over the years, however, “Not Seeking Big, But Seeking Excellence” is always the purpose of Wuhan Boray’s long term development!


        Our Engineering Capability:
        Mechanical design in 3D
        Professional software for steelwork construction and modeling
        Hardware design, familiar with SIEMENS 300/400 series/AB/Schneider PLC programming, and HMI upstream monitoring programming
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